How it works

What kind of fabric do you use?
We try to match fabric as close as possible to the original, and in most cases find a perfect match. A majority of our fabrics come from Maharam and Angela Adams. Several of our chairs are done in a high grade vinyl.  If you have a special request - just ask us!

Vinyl, Isn't that a dirty word?
No, Alexander Girard made using high grade vinyl very respectable. Girard as Head of Textiles at Herman Miller gained appreciation for Vinyl when he saw the wide array of colors that could be used on the sideshell and armshells of the Herman Miller chairs. For this reason alone, you should love vinyl too!

Why choose us when you can find someone in your area?
Our craftsmen have over 30 years experience in recovering these timeless treasures. RetroRedo was founded after hearing “I don't think I can do that" or "I can not find the fabric, high grade vinyl or the crimp cord" too many times, at our local upholstery shop. That is what we specialize in- and that is what we do.
We have the original patterns for most chairs, and if we do not, we will make the pattern at no extra cost to you.

So, what does all this cost?
Costs vary, but a majority of vinyl projects run around $275.00
(we supply the crimp cord and vinyl)

Fabric chairs usually run a bit higher.
- On every chair we use a new crimp cord.
- We have tried to use the original, but due to years of everyday wear and tear,   the cord breaks down and makes it very difficult to re-use.
- The cord we use has metal in it and it crimps around the chair, resulting in a very clean look that does not have to be sewn to the material. 
- We have never had any complaints that this has caused the chair to loose its original look.

We make it simple - all we need is the seat!
- Remove seat from the base, put it in a box, send it to us, & we'll take care of the rest!

This should help you save on shipping costs!

We try to have a 7 day turnaround time & we send it back to you in the box you sent it to us in! It's just THAT simple!

 We are currently encouraging customers to use Fed Ex, domestic rates typically run $25.00(US) here (Tulsa, OK 74135) and $25.00(US) back out.

- Overseas rates are higher. 
- We do NOT charge for handling or packing.

Just Remember…
The beauty of owning a Mid-Century Modern chair is to enjoy it and use it as a treasured part of your everyday furniture!

- Redoing it does NOT diminish the dollar value of the piece, it just increases the everyday value. 

- Most every piece of Herman Miller furniture was stamped by Miller with either Eames or Nelsons name on it. Making it a fine piece of art to have and keep forever and display with pride.

We will do any fine piece of Mid-Century furniture,
as that is our passion. 
We can also polish your chair Base and return it to it's original luster at an additional charge.
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